Hate to say have so many to choose from.

Picture it a non runner with a non runner shape finally plucks up the courage  – leaves the house at night in the dark to attempt to run – wearing all dark colours as was only attempting round the block and no roads to cross, and feeling pretty safe in the knowledge no one would see her or laugh at her.  Well that was not the case by any means!!!

Visited bathroom before leaving – so am out the door happily attempting to jog or panting up the road more like when a car starts following me really slowly so I get nervous especially when it comes right up alongside – winds down the window – I hear a familiar voice  (relief washes over me) ie my male neighbour from across the road – out jogging I see well done he says – but can I ask you a question – so I said ok – he said is there a reason you have half a roll of toilet paper trailing behind you like a banner and theres a whole ream of it coming out your front door and a wee bit up the road – or are you in training to be an Andrex Puppy? or maybe leaving a trail so you dont get lost?

Was mortified turns out after going to the loo and re-dressing so to speak – loo roll got caught in top of my leggings (clean stuff I have to point out LOL) I hadn;t noticed – and I had managed to trail a whole long length of it out my door and a wee bit up the street before it ripped off but still left me with a long piece floating behind me waving in the wind as I ran – was mortified and he never let me live it down for a week – for a few days after if he saw me when he was at his door he would have a loo roll beside him and wave it at me LOL and say don’t forget your banner in case you get lost.andrex 1

Yellow Labrador Retriever bitch pup, 10 weeks old, with toilet roll
Yellow Labrador Retriever bitch pup, 10 weeks old, with toilet roll

On the upside you get what you pay for that Andrex Loo roll is strong and better than the rest.



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