Wont as a matter of course advertise things in my blog – but this FREE online Worldwide MOOC that starts in September I think sounds great – and may be of interest to so many people no matter what you do, where you work, what type of community you work and live in.

There are so many places offering little taster sessions  of this MOOC including my own work just to raise people’s curiosity – obviously being Scottish and living in Scotland I’ve been trying to get Scottish folk to have a look, but this is a totally universal MOOC and its completely FREE – so just thought I’l post it up in case people are curious to find out more.

Scotland has a special arrangement with the Global U.Lab team in that we had a dedicated space within the U.Lab course for Scottish specific learning content.

The first course took place in September 15 with over 900 people. There have been so many amazing stories of the impact it has had for so many people at individual, organisation, education and community levels.

Please note there is no commitment to sign up for the course, but we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to U.Lab and demonstrate which this MOOC is so fantastic and a great tool for everyone by hlding a little taster session.

So if you are curious why not come along for the morning on 30th June and see what its all about.

To book your place click the details below which will take you over to Eventbrite to register.


Many thanks



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