It’s funny how life moves so quickly in some instances – especially re my daughters – our 9  year anniversary is coming up from when we met them and promptly brought them home for ever.

My mother in law was round last night and brought round the poem I wrote the day before we met them as I couldn’t settle I was so nervous LOL I have to hold my head in shame as I had totally forgotten and when reading it – it was like it was all happening yesterday total full on flash back 🙂 – now I’m no poet and would never claim to be but am proud of my poem – it even got published in a local adoption newsletter at the time – have to say reading it made me feel so emotional.

I’m new to all this blogging and not sure how long a blog really should be so forgive me but feel I want to post it up. 🙂  It’s quite long LOL so doing it as another blog post. But what can I say the last 9 years have flown past 🙂


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